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“On the 15th March, we took two teams to the netball tournament at Malton. In Team A was Olivia H, Constance, Martha, Megan, John, Louis and Oliver S. Team B was made up of Isabell, Libby, Lily Pl, Oli T, Lily Pa, Michael and Harris.

“The first game was Langton A against Malton, which we won 2-0. Then Langton B played Rilllington, and they won 1-0 after quite a close match. Langton A then played against St Mary’s B, which we won 2-0 again. The next game was Langton B against St Mary’s A, which they sadly lost 0-2.

“The next game, Langton A played against Welburn A which we won 4-0 after a very fast match. Langton B played Welburn B and they win that 1-0. The fourth game was Langton A vs Amotherby B which we won 8-0, which was helped by the fact that Amotherby only has four players for the first half! Langton B then played Amotherby A but lost 3-1 as they were very good!

“After that, we heard the results of our matches. In Langton B’s group, the winners were Amotherby A but they still came 2nd. In Langton A’s group, we won, meaning the final match was Amotherby A vs Langton A. The final was very tough but Langton A just managed to win by 1-0 which meant they were the winners!

“Both teams played really well and everybody really enjoyed it!”

Report by Megan and Constance