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Sportshall Athletics

Libby & Megan report on the Athletics Team’s performance...

“On Wednesday 23rd November 2016, Langton School’s athletics team took part in the Sportshall Athletics at Malton Secondary School. The team was made up of; Louis, John, Oliver S, Olivia H, Martha, Libby, Megan, Constance, Michael, Arthur, Timmy, Sam, Lily, Hannah, Lola, Oliver Th, Oli T and Ella.

“Firstly, Jo Dale welcomed us to the Athletics and told us what the first event would be—it was the Javelin. Martha and Megan were up first. They both smashed it, beating the other teams in their heat and setting  the standard high.. Next Oliver S and Oli T were up and they both hit the wall at the other side at least once to make us top in the Javelin. After this, the whole sports hall was opened up and the field events began. In the first rotation Sam, Arthur and Oliver Th took part in the Indoor Shot. John, Timmy and Louis did the Long Jump, Oli T and Michael did the Vertical Jump. The Speed Bounce had Olivia H, Hannah and Ella competing in it. Lola, Martha and Libby competed in the Chest Push and Oliver S, Constance and Megan took part in the Target Throw.

“In the second rotation, Olivia H, Martha and Megan competed in the Indoor Shot, Hannah, Lola and Lily did the Long Jump. The Vertical Jump was tackled by Libby, Timmy and Constance. John, Louis and Oliver S jumped onto the Speed Bounce. Oli T, Oliver Th and Sam threw their hardest in the Chest Push. Oliver S, Arthur and Michael took part in the Target Throw.

“After this, we all had a break and the sports leaders set up the relay track. First, the proper Relay took place; Lola, John, Ella, Michael, Olivia H and Louis were raring to go. Everyone ran their fastest but Langton ran to victory!! After, everyone else took part in the fun  relay, which was running again. Then it was the girls time to shine in the skipping relay—they skipped from the middle of the hall to one end  then skipped back to the middle where they dropped the skipping rope and ran to the other side and to the back of the line.  We came 2nd in that race with a few mishaps.  The boys then had a go and some of them proved to be great skippers. Then the whole team was put to the test with two sports leaders on the team. We had to dribble the basketball there and back to the team and then run there and back.. It helped having Mr Cairns teaching us basketball  that week as well! We came 2nd in that.

“After all the relays, Jo called us in to see who had won. Everyone had done their very best but we knew Malton would have a shot at winning after we saw them competing very well in the other events. In 3rd place was West Heslerton 1, 2nd place was Langton—we were all sad but proud as we had done so well for a small school. 1st place went to Malton and they were very pleased as we had beaten them in the past few years.

“Everyone did their very best and did our school very proud, but next year we will come back fighting!”