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A heated debate!

“On Wednesday 29th March, we took a team to the Debating Competition in the Ryedale Council Chambers. The team consisted of Constance, Ava-lily, Lola and Oliver S, who were the questioners. Louis and Hannah were the speakers.

“When we got there, we signed in and got special visitor passes before going into the Chambers. The chairperson drew lots for who went first and so on. We had to go first, so Louis and Hannah delivered their two minute speeches on “Homework is a waste of time”, which was the debate topic. They did really well, and answered the other team’s tricky questions really well!

“Then Amotherby, Terrington Primary, Norton and Leavening read their speeches and we asked our questions to them all. After this, the judges left the room to discuss the scores and decide the winners and runners up.

“Meanwhile, we listened to some really funny jokes. Then after a while, the judges came back in and announced that first place was Amotherby (who were really good). The runners up were Terrington, who also did well. Hannah got highly commended for her speech so she did really well. It was a really great experience!”

Report by Ava-lily & Constance