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Paul Bennet- one of the best Olympic Rowers in the entire world. Not just attending the Olympics, but placing a gold medal in the Men’s Rowing Eights all the way over in Rio. That, most likely being, the greatest sporting achievement that there is to get: number one in the world.

It was this magnificent Olympian that made Friday 14th October no ordinary day for the lucky students of Langton Primary School, who received a visit from him thanks to one of our Sports Ambassadors, Megan. It was her who sent a convincing email to Mr Bennet, politely asking him if he could make an appearance at the school and lead an assembly on how he rose to success and gained his gold medal. But first, there was a particularly early interview to be had with Megan and the other Sports Ambassadors (Lily, Oliver and Louis), plus a good friend Lily (year 6). They all arrived at 7:30 in the morning to go live at 7:45, on the Radio York Breakfast Show with Jeremy Buxton, a roving reporter happy to grab a chat with these lucky pupils. Plus, it wasn’t just students live on the radio; our very own Mrs Ray and Mr Woods  were asked a couple of questions too.

After lunch was when Paul arrived, ready and prepared to host an assembly in front of all the enthusiastic crowd of pupils and parents. At the start, Megan bravely came out to the front and read an impressive report she put together about how that entire day was possible. And, of course, it all ended with a huge round of applause to say thank you for the hard work she put into this, also how she had really taken on board her duties as a Sports Ambassador, and put that privilege to good use.

Next, Paul stood up at the front and explained that he main goal to get out of sport, was inspiring kids to do sports that are bit different. Things like rowing. Then Paul explained what it was like at the Olympic Games. The adrenaline rush, the panic and just focusing on what you’re doing. After that, all the classes asked Paul a question, each one different.

The grand finale of the assembly was a showdown between the two rowers in the room, on rowing machine. Paul Bennet VS Mr Woods. How far could they get in 30 seconds? It was a close match, but the winner was… Paul Bennet!!! With 230m in 30 seconds, only just beating Mr Woods with 180m.

For the last lesson of the day Paul Bennet came round to see what everyone was doing in class. Class 3 even got him to join in their PE lesson, by putting him in goal during football! In the end, I think everybody enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with a legend such as an Olympic gold medallist. It was certainly a memorable day at Langton Primary School.

By Hannah  (Year 6)