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Year 5 Taster Day

“On  Wednesday 8th March, all twelve Year 5s went to Norton College for a Taster Day. When we arrived, we all sat down and listened to the Deputy Head do a little speech, and when he had finished, he sent us to our leaders. Our leaders were two girls called Morgan and Mia. The other schools got split into different groups but because we didn’t have a lot of Year 5s, we were all in the same group! When we got to the French class, we learnt how to say different letters and also played a game of Lotto and Splat. After that we went to the Science class. We all had to find out which one out of cola, lemonade and fizzy water was the fizziest. A lot of people thought that lemonade would be the fizziest. In the end we didn’t find out what was the fizziest because everybody had different opinions!

“Half way through, we all had dinner. All of Langton managed to fit on one table. When we had all finished, the Deputy Head told us to go back to our groups and to our next activity. Our group’s next activity was Drama. Firstly, we played a game of Mingle. This is a game where you have to walk around the room saying Mingle and when the teacher said a number, you had to get into a group of that number of people. We also had to split ourselves into groups of six and make a freeze frame. Everybody's was really good. Our leaders led us to our next event. This one was Zumba. We had loads of fun doing it. All the groups did it together, and this was also the longest lesson we had. We finally walked into the playground and got some fresh air and a break. We met a few people that used to come to our school there. We all had a really fun day. As we walked into the main hall, the other students gave us goody bags!”

Report by Millie and Lily (Year 5)