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Young Voices!

An exciting start to the Spring term with our choir’s trip to the Young Voices concert, which was held at the Sheffield Arena. Mrs McIlwaine and Mrs Ray, accompanied by some fantastic and willing parents and some very excited children, set off for the Arena after a very early lunch. They were all wearing their matching Young Voices T-shirts and when they arrived, they were shown to their seats in the huge auditorium—prime position, right at the front, in the middle—a fantastic opportunity for the parents who came to the concert in the evening to spot their children in the huge crowd…...not so great an opportunity for Mrs Ray who hadn’t learnt all of the song words! Still, after a full afternoon’s rehearsal and a break for the second packed lunch of the day (and a huge queue for the toilets), it was show time! Langton were part of a huge choir of 5,300 children who have been learning a variety of songs and all joined together in unison. It was a magical sound. Well done to all the children who took part and a particular thank you to Mrs McIlwaine, who has been working with the choir, learning the songs since September. The parents who attended the concert in the evening thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and were rightly proud of their children. A very late night was had by all but it was well worth it.

“It was a really fun experience! I enjoyed the dances—the whole choir (all 5,300 of them!) were split into sections and we had to follow the dance moves of each section’s leader. My favourite songs were the Pop Medley and Ain’t No Mountain. I also really liked it when they turned off all the lights and all the choirs turned on their mini torches. “ Libby, Year 6

“It was really fun and I will cherish the moments from my Year 6 year at Langton Primary. I was very happy to experience Young Voices with my good friends. I enjoyed singing all the great songs and learning them with Mrs McIlwaine. My favourite song was “Birdhouse in your Soul”. My Young Voices T-shirt is now a pyjama top!” Izzy, Year 6

“I enjoyed it a lot because there were lots and lots of children there, and it was a chance for children to perform singing on a professional stage. Pop Medley was my favourite song. “ Millie, Year 5